Thursday, December 7, 2006

NHS British Intelligence agent - outed.

Dr Jekyll or Dr O H B Gyde?

Full name: Oscar Humphrey Bohun Gyde
Date of Birth: 14th July 1936
Occupation: retired Consultant Haematologist
Religion: Royal Arch Freemasonry
Interests: computing and Artificial Intelligence

Dr O H B Gyde received an ‘A’ merit award upon his retirement.

Read the British Medical Journal to find out what these ‘Merit Awards’ are supposed to be awarded for:

Dr O H B Gyde did not receive this award for services rendered to the NHS, he received this award for services rendered to the Crown – specifically British Intelligence.

Read the BBC’s article to find accusations of ‘cronyism’ and corruption within the system:

The question is: why was Dr O H B Gyde given such an honourable discharge?

He had not discovered or invented anything new, nor had he added to the body of knowledge in his specialized area: Leukaemia.

Dr O H B Gyde is a fully paid-up member of British Intelligence and comes from a British Intelligence family. He also recruited his children into the Intelligence Services.

After being given an ‘A’ merit award, Dr O H B Gyde received an extra 40,000 pounds p.a. which was added on to his already substantial pension, upon retirement.

Dr O H B Gyde taught modules to medical students at a university in Libya whilst he was a Fellow of Birmingham University. During this time he was also acting as a ‘courier’ for MI6.

He also negotiated ‘mind control’ programs with notaries from Mormon Universities in Utah, for MI5.

Artificial Intelligence is Dr O H B Gyde’s specialist interest and the ‘re-wiring of human brains’ as he once put it.

To be specific, the repulsive practice of mind-splitting, left/right brain programming and the compartmentalization of the human brain.

In short, the reduction of human beings into robots or automatons under mind control, rather than the evolution of human psychology in terms of philosophy, science, arts and culture.

Why did Dr Gyde believe that this insane and degenerate practice of mind control was a valuable area of research?

He was a victim of it himself. NHS colleagues outside of British Intelligence, have informally diagnosed him with ‘High-Functioning Asperger’s Syndrome’ but he has never had treatment or therapy for this condition and it therefore remains officially, undiagnosed.

Dr Gyde’s family belonged to Royal Arch Freemasonry and a Royal Nazi cult which has controlled MI6, since its inception as a military intelligence department in the early 20th century.

The mind control program that Dr Gyde was primarily involved with, was the Illuminati program, otherwise known as ‘Project Monarch’.

The existence of this mind control project has been admitted to by the US government in US lawcourts where damages were subsequently paid to the victims of Monarch experiments. British Intelligence has never admitted to its role in this program and refuses to do so. One can only guess that the cost of lawsuits against them, would be too high.

British Illuminati (or ‘intelligence’) families recruit and program their own children from birth. Here is a brief list of what Dr Gyde and his associates in the NHS did to their own children and others:

The sadistic practice of the ‘Potter’s Wheel’ i.e. the physical and psychological abuse of babies and young children to make them disassociate and ‘mind-split’ – usually done by electric shock.

The sexual abuse and rape of young children by the Illuminati family and other cult members.

The Masonic rites and rituals involving the worship of Lucifer the Light-Bringer.

The use and abuse of NHS facilities to experiment with blood and DNA.

The targeting of babies in the womb, chosen for the ‘X’ factor and subsequent experimentation before and after they are born, unbeknownst to their parents.

To conclude:

Dr O H B Gyde is a paedophile, a rapist and abuser of both women and children under mind control. He is also a victim of the system which he has continued to perpetuate and perpetrate for his entire career. A system of mind control which is run by British Intelligence and sanctioned by Royal Arch Freemasonry.

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